There is a growing discontentment amongst sufferers of chronic illness towards the traditional conventional health care model because it utilises drugs and surgical intervention to treat symptoms of ill-health whilst not necessarily addressing the underlying cause.

Allostasis health aims to explore the cause of your condition in order to restore stability within your body. We apply a multidisciplinary approach and incorporate a range of effective methods and resources aimed at restoring vibrant health through physiological and behavioural changes.

Our personalised treatment plans requires the practitioner and patient to work closely together, in order to restore optimal health in a timely and effective manner. We aim to treat deeply, gently, and permanently.

Allostasis in plain English, means a state of stability. The human body is constantly working at achieving a stable state, especially during periods of ill health.

Many people with chronic health conditions breed a lifestyle of psychological and physiological stress, consume nutrient depleted diets and partake in damaging exercise regimes, which over time, diminishes the state of their internal biological terrain.

Due to our society’s ‘quick fix’ mentality, we seek a quick fix to a problem which has been a result of long term accumulated stressors. Generally, our Western culture seeks a ‘pill’ to take away our every ill, and we think we are happy because our symptoms are no longer an issue.

That may be fine, however, the continual masking of symptoms with certain medications may have deteriorating side effects, and create a build-up of toxic residues in the body. The body may stop functioning correctly, and furthermore, it may even stop responding to the symptomatic drugs which were prescribed.

This story rings true for a multitude of patients suffering from a range of chronic health conditions. Such people have been glad to find the information provided on this website, and were ready to visit an Allostasis health practitioner, who seeks to address the cause of disease- not just the symptoms.