Initial consult: Approximately 1 hour

A tailored and comprehensive health check.

We test the functioning of as many relevant systems within your body that could be disrupting your health. We take a systemic approach by assessing the function of each system, and how they are inter-linking. We ensure to not be blind sighted by focusing on just one area of your body whilst the other not so obvious systems may be contributing also.

We combine traditional medically-based testing along with cutting edge science that allows us as practitioners to gather as much information as possible to facilitate you in your journey to vibrant health.

Your initial consultation may include live and dried blood analysis, biological terrain analysis, body composition analysis.

Investment: $90 (May be partially covered by private health insurance)

Health checks and follow-up appointments: 30-45 minutes

The Allostasis practitioner closely monitors your progress and utilises an array of techniques, implementing changes to ensure the process of restoring health is carried out as smoothly as possible.

We pay close attention to how you are coping with the changes to ensure you are progressing at a sustainable rate. Relevant tests are carried out along the way, encouraging you with scientific evidence, tracking the progress you are making. These test results in conjunction with the dramatic changes you will experience, empower you to continue on your journey to vibrant health.

Investment: $75 (May be partially covered by private health insurance)

Various tests

Cholesterol blood test (fasting)
Fasting glucose
Food allergy/sensitivity testing
Live blood analysis

Colonic irrigation sessions at Allostasis are carried out by a trained practitioners. If you have a chronic health condition, you need a practitioner who can clearly explain to you the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and its role in helping you restore your health.

We will happily talk you through and effectively explain the following;

How Colon Hydrotherapy restores neuromuscular function to your large intestines
Why impaired neural stimulus, is one of the key factors in hyper toxicity, lethargy and many chronic health complaints.
The role that stress plays on your gastro-intestinal system by creating havoc to your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and how colonics assist in regulating this.
The effect on the visceral fascia that your large intestines are suspended in.
Restoration of the internal biological terrain – how to maintain healthy bacteria and prevent unhealthy bacteria forming.
The role colonic hydrotherapy can play in restoring normality to enzyme systems in the small intestine and the liver that are responsible for the most common tissue toxins.
How colonics can increase glutathione S-tranferase (GST), a major detoxification system that assists in removing vast amounts of toxins from your blood allowing them to be excreted out of your body.
Many people experience a major emotional shift after their initial colonic. This is because many people are ‘gut-reactors’, in other words, their digestive system responds to their stress. Effective colonics help to eradicate this tension creating an overwhelming change in some people immediately after their treatment. Often times this experience can bring up deep seated emotions.

Our practitioners have a thorough understanding of this process, their extensive training in psychology and counselling will ensure that you do not leave the clinic in a vulnerable state.

Our clinic has showers for you to use after your Colonic irrigation.

*At Allostasis we use the open colonic system.

Investment: $85 (approximately 1 hour)